India – 10 years from Now, Education system, the Aam Aadmi and “Leadership”

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My last business visit for 40 days to South India in late august- September 2012, delivering workshops in 30+  colleges and seeing the current education system, the students and the ecosystem forces me to write a blog post after a long time. Not thousands or lakhs , but millions and billions of engineers are manufactured in India every year.

The sense of seriousness towards studies in South India is a lot more than compared to North.But the same old obsolete lessons, boring studies, no placements , year backs, poor families are some of the words that describe the irony of students throughout.Students only are not to be blamed for not being serious at their studies, for they have struggled to their best to get into a college where they feel is now not the time to study much but to socialize and enjoy the college life.Overdozed with assignments , tests, viva’s and exams in most of the colleges I found students sharing the suicide cases because of only two reasons, one is pressure of studies and fear of failure, second is that girlfriend/boyfriend ditched away. What is it makes these young guns of India to come to such an extent, Was the love and affection of their parents was much less than that of the former counterpart?

Many a times we discuss and debate about the topics like corruption , the current education system , brain drain to countries like US and UK, but we never – ever plan to do something for it, even if we plan to do it, merely 1% of us would have executed something on it. Though the current GDP of the country may satisfy the common man , but the rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poor day by day.

My question remains unanswered inspite of questioning thousands from place to place, What will happen of the middle class, maybe the class where you and me belong to, The class whose monthly household income from all sources is 20k to 50k per month, and that is where the current indian economy is dependent upon.What will happen to this class 10 years from now? This class has always been struggling and will still be struggling finding it hard to survive.

Probably the answer I have to this question is “Leadership” , Every individual would have to be a leader in himself, A leader of his inner self,  A leader of his surroundings, would have to realize the opportunities, we would have to start from the grass root level, it has to be a bottom up approach rather than top-down. India has seen a vibrance in the Anna Hazare movement, we need more leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi.

The beginning of this leadership can only be from our current education system, parents would have to realize engineering is not the only option just because their neighbors or relatives son is an engineer well placed in a software MNC and earning several lakhs per month, Maybe fields like accountancy or law or mass comm or fashion designing too may land up a person to amazing careers. Next, the “leadership”  has to start from the benches of a class, the teaching methods can be changed to more Seminar and group discussion practices rather than the traditional Black Board approach, Leadership activities should be there from kids to collegiates in every class, If not possible in classes , maybe we can start the practice in our homes by sometimes doing a GD with our brother sisters or parents.

This is where I find can be a first step to start with , However the irony remains that all of us including me myself will read this post think or debate for a few minutes, and then forget all of it and go back to our normal routines, these kind of debates  and blogs have been there for quite sometime now, but no use to anyone.

Lastly, once again even if you and me don’t give a shit to anything or our country , maybe one word we can take away from here is “Leadership”, even if 1% of it is applied, I would feel my job of writing this post is done.


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