From where it all began , From a Colgate Mall Boy to a Dot Com CEO

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It has been a while I blogged about anything, I have been doing stuff around and it is going to be around another one year, Coming 3rd of next month the company turns 2. The dream seems to  be coming true now, We already have a valuation over a million US Dollars. Two years of hard work has paid off, not me but me and my teams and every single person who guided us to reach these heights.

My every Blog post is always with a mission, always addressed to someone, ideally education sector, specially college students/teachers who may be upcoming entrepreneurs are always my target, not to inspire but to tell them that the mistakes that I have been doing , they should not do the same.

The colgate Mall Boy, From where it all started ( 2008 )

I remember the day when I landed up at Noida , It was an early Friday morning, By Monday the college was going to start, 7 am I reached Noida and by 10 am I was out for my first job interview the very first day. Had to start from somewhere and not join the league of millions in the rat race to be an 24082008(001)engineer and join some HCL or some Infosys or some wipro. I already knew it was time for me to do something, it was high time. As I had been a failure in the past, Had a dream to join the Armed forces( NDA) , prepared for it for around 6 years since childhood, and couldn’t even clear the first step. Not just me but my family , friends and everyone had expectations . I never prepared for engineering and I never had a previous passion to be a Rock star Computer genius or a techie or a business man, It was just that I wanted to be something everyone could be proud of for me once as I already had shattered their hopes.

So, went for the interview , wasn’t confident to speak , to interact at the interview. Got a lower grade Mall boy job. Had thought to join a group of 5 – 7 people with some hot chicks around jazzing over a mike in the center of a mall and maintaining a dude type image. But just the opposite happened, I was told to stand all alone , that too in a crowded Big Bazar , that too selling Colgate’s and asking people to smile. Damn ! I had a target to sell 150 pieces in one day. Guess what, I was paid 200 Rupees Only for a 9 hours job, where I had to stand all day , keep selling the stuff and max people would abuse me , as we ourselves do to the credit card guys we face at big bazaar, I was exactly one of them.

Now that was the real beginning, I understood the actual value of money here. How hard it is to earn money, Hard work won’t let you go very far, you have to work very – very smartly along with the hard work. Around two months of this Job over the weekends ( 16 days ) and I was a perfect salesman now, was always selling Colgate’s  & had mastered the art. Probably I remember the last day of the Job and I had sold almost double the targets.  My boss was impressed and didn’t want me to leave, but I knew it was time to move on. To do something , probably I was confident, I can speak anything in front of anyone as I Had interacted with almost more than 10,000 people in these 16 days and am confident enough. Second was I can sell anything . You give me peanuts and I will churn gold out of it, That was the attitude that time, Well that is how it becomes for a not so mature 19 year old  guy.

After this phase did a lot of stuff in college, Writing research papers, interning part time with many startups, started my first no profit social venture, scaled very well. Started my second venture, Raised Funding, Scaled and failed. Started my third venture. Doing very well Now, Already a Million $ company 🙂  seeking interest not just from investors but from competitors as well who want  a merger and an acquisition to happen.

This is It, The only advice I want to give to anyone writing this post is, If you think you can start from anywhere , Go ahead and Just do It, Don’t be ashamed of what your parents or anyone around would think. It’s just you. You can’t be another Mark Zuckerberg all of a sudden, he too started from somewhere , actually did learn programming since his early childhood when he was a kid, before facebook he too had been doing stuff, like made an online audio player that got a good deal from Microsoft.

Hope this post inspires many to start up something, If not a venture, maybe anything extra-curricular you have been thinking of. Will write soon about my college life and how it did lead me to being a CEO of one of the India’s Top 10 Dot Com Startups ! Stay tuned


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