About Me

I was born in Ferozepur, a small Indo-Pak border area in Punjab.I’m not a first generation entrepreneur. We the SATIJA’s have entrepreneurship in siddhant satijaour blood, but i’ll take  that topic later.I was born in a well to do family that had a great social circle. My father joined my gradfather’s construction business and the construction done by the SATIJA’s at ferozepur was known to be the best in it’s class not only at ferozepur but at various locations across the country. At the age of merely 5 or 6 of what i can recall i would have gained my senses to understand the world in a thoughtful manner, i could see problems creeping in into my family. I lost my mom at the age of 6,she suffered from Brain Tumer and had been in comma for more than 6 months.My younger sister was 3 at that time. My grandmother was blind since my birth and my grandfather’s health didn’t remain well all the time, The entire family was brought up well by my father alone.From getting us ready for the school to taking care of my grandparents to cooking meals three times a day, Dad managed it all. He was in his late 20’s at that time and is the single child of his parents. Today whatever i am it’s all about the sacrifices made by my father to bring me up so well.

Growing Up

Growing up has been easy for me, getting all comforts from the family. I had a childhood dream to be an Officer in the Indian Army. Being born and brought up amidst India’s one of the largest Army base camps i.e. ferozepur cantt, i could easily differentiate between a civilian and an army lifestyle, so i always wanted to be an Army Officer. But as is said you dont’t get success till the time you are hungry for it.  I couldn’t crack it after my class 12 as i was never so hungry for it. Lucky enough i could secure a seat at Amity University,Noida to pursue a Bachelor’s in Technology with a specialization in Computer Science, as internet at that time was a thing that was always hyped about and i used to spend many hours paying 50 bucks per hour just to surf here and there and know more about the technology.



I never wanted or had a dream to be an Entrepreneur and be hyped about running a cool startup, but as i have written above,Entrepreneurship is in SATIJA’s blood and it shows up at some stage in life. The very first day i landed up at Noida, the same evening i had an interview with the director of an event management company for my first part time job that i did on weekends as living in Noida was too costly. I used to sell colgates on an offer known as “Smile Please”. Standing the entire day in places like Big Bazaar/R-world just for 150 bucks and at the end of the day your feet aching, it was the first time when i realized how hard it is to earn money out there and what is the real significance of money in your life.

Two months to it, and one day outside Amity Innovation Incubator i saw a notice saying “Trainees required”. It was a notice by the organisation about various internship positions at companies incubated at the incubator. I went in there, applied and luckily grabbed a position out there. The staff there was too supportive and i learnt a few methods/technologies to develop websites.It would be worth mentioning here that my 1st website to a client was delivered from the PC that was given to me over here because i didnt had my own laptop at that time. So that was my 1st stint with entrepreneurship.Then i came in touch with a final year student known as “Amarjit Singh” who was working on Amitylounge at that time, that was a student resourse portal for Amity  University. I learnt a lot from him. Starting taking on freelance assignments and delivered couple of Web 2.0 applications and started getting involved into research work as told by Amar Sir, what i call him.

It had been quite a while and i had been working quite hard to be at No.1 trainee’s position of all the students out there & i get an offer from the Incubator’s management team “why don’t you be an Entrepreneur? We think you can do really cool stuff?”, that was it, i capitalized my passion,my energies and took the path to be a social entrepreneur,

Indian Army + Internet + Entrepreneurship  

(I started ProjectAgya.com back then, that was in 2011 ranked as India’s No.1 defence careers & awareness portal to have more than 1 million hits within 1.5 years )

By this time i had written four research papers and was featured in 20+ national newspapers/journals and TV channels, that was enough to give me a break, and convince me to do a startup .

Fast Forward 2015

I graduated out of Amity University in 2012, after finishing my B.Tech in Computer Sciences and then by 2014 I had also done an MBA in Marketing through a Distance Learning University, and I am on the verge of beginning my PhD in Business Management. I run a Digital Performance Affiliate Ad Network by the name of AdUncle.com, that has been amongst the Top Ad Networks in India. Top 3 milestones:


  • Got funded by Amity Capital Ventures at a valuation of 1 Crore Rs. While I was about to start my venture while being in year of my college.
  • Year on Year, the revenues have been 8 Figures in India ( Yes, We are doing over 1 Crores in India per year in our Gross Revenues with healthy profit margins  )
  • Started up Operations In USA, with a registered business entity and an Office in Wilmington, Delaware and made a trip to Malaysia and Hong Kong to explore business opportunities.


Chasing the Million Dollar Dream


All the above prior experiences with startups were sufficient to give me enough momentum to kickstart my own journey to create a landmark in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India, and expand globally, so i have done it with my company named “RITSAN MEDIA VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED” , The first word RITSAN is derived from my parents name, My Mom’s name is Ritu and my dad’s name is Sanjeev.1st 3 initials of both their names make the word “RitSan”.

Me and my team are right now working on a couple of projects related to Internet marketing/ Web2.0 products.Yes, we have raised a seven figures of a funding round too from the Amity Group. So it would not be wrong to say that newspapers have been claiming me as “Millionaire at 20” sometime back. I am personally going to various universities and colleges to conduct Web 2.0 training programs and have taught 8500+ students till now.


Vision 2020

  • Be one of the most reputable Digital Companies in India and create an Impact Globally
  • Travel 10 countries by 2020
  • Have my own apartment in Delhi & Chandigarh Both
  • Be Healthy, Run a Marathon and be a sports freak
  • Learn to manage the work life balance and live the real Dotcom Internet Lifestyle
  • Be a part time visiting faculty at some of the leading B schools in India